The Nurturing of Men Casting call 

CURRENTLY Casting for the following roles. If interested Please submit headshots/links to reel/websites to

Sag - Aftra are welcome to apply

All roles are paid positions.


Camden Graves / Black / Male / 27-29yrs  

A Police officer. Due to his line of work and life experiences Camden usually sees the world through cynical eyes, but as of recent the changes in his life has caused him to embrace hope.   

Boyfriend to Cassarah.

A gym head.  

He drinks lots of water. 

Cassarah Barron / Black / Female / 26-29yrs

A strong loving female who knows her worth; she wants the best for herself so she puts her trust in God. She stands firm in what she believes in. 

Her name is Cassarah but she goes by Cassie. 

She owns a bakery. 

Girlfriend to Camden.

Mike Evans / Male / 29 - 32yrs

A Police officer, Overly Confident in himself and his abilities.  A cynic who lives by the motto "it is what it is." When it comes to language he has no filter, has no shame. 

Justus  / Male / 25 -28yrs   

Justus is a capitalist in every sense of the word, taking advantage of everything he sees to make a buck. He fancies pirates since he is always looking for treasure. 

He’s a master of disguise. 

He likes to smoke weed and take pics for social media.

Lala / Black, Hispanic / Female / 27yrs   

Caring, she will do anything for Justus; placing herself in precarious situations.

She likes to watch shopping channels.

Candace Flowers / Black / Female / 26yrs  

Confident in herself; strong willed and tempered. When it comes to attraction she think she has magical powers.  Does not take no as an acceptable answer. 

Designs and Models.

Pastor Webb / Black / Male / 44yrs   

Passionate, well spoken. Cares about the people more than the church building. He looks to spread Love.

He’s one of the good men.

Loves to play pac-man.