Team Opportunities

Any project worth doing, is worth doing TOGETHER. At CineasFilms, TEAMWORK is everything. LETS BE A TEAM! 

Please send Resumes or Inquiries over to 

In the Subject line please state the position you are applying for.


We are looking for an in house producer to oversee day to day duties. Producer is responsible for planning, tracking and successfully managing projects s/he is assigned to in a collaborative environment. Candidate must be able to take an active leadership role in the team and create an environment that fosters growth, clear communication, and successful delivery of projects. Candidate must be able to identify and manage issues proactively. 


We are looking for writers/story developers to develop pre - existing concepts as well as original content. Developers must be able to generate innovative, creative content that will ignite, entertain and spark the mind of our viewers. Candidate should be creative, ambitious, able to collaborate in a fun fast - paced environment.

We are looking for candidates who specializes in all genres of story. 

Please submit writing samples to be considered. 


We are looking for a Journalist/Editor to help with our Editorial 'Artist Profiles', Candidate does not have to be an experienced journalist, but writing samples will be considered. 


We are looking for a production assistant to help with the day to day duties of maintaining an efficient production. Candidate would have to be confident, be able to resolve problems. We are not looking for a robot, but someone who feels like they can bring something to the table. You will be able to work from home. Access to a Laptop is a plus, if you own one even better.