The Nurturing of Men Kickstarter

About 'The Nurturing of Men'

The idea for this film is loosely based on Director Lionel Cineas Jr’s. experiences with desires/attachments, the adverse effects these desires/attachments has had on his life, and his wanting to break free from these desires. Read More 

Word of mouth

Word of mouth is just as good as donating, if you know anyone who would be possibly interested in this project we would be honored if you took the time out to share this project with them. Forward this link to them -


Our Funding Goal

We are budgeted at and are looking to raise $15,000 to shoot, edit, and distribute this project. With your help we can take this story from words on a page to the visual medium. Learn More about the funding goal.


We are offering some great rewards to contributors of this project - Refrigerator Magnets, Tee- shirts, even kitesSee more rewards.