Jennille Morris


Instagram: @Be_atitudes

By Fabiola Cineas

As a producer, Jennille Morris’ work and influence on set was far-reaching. On most days, if not all, she was the first on site and the last to leave, ensuring that everyone was taken care of and that things were done right. If anyone had a question, Morris was the one they would call. Read more about Morris’ role with The Nurturing of Men below.


What was your job on set and what did your responsibilities include? I was a producer. I handled anything from making sure the talent was on time to organizing breakfast and lunch for the cast and crew to managing the film's budget. I definitely had to be flexible because I dealt with different situations every day.

You were also on the set of Weekend Lover. What differences did you notice between these two sets? A huge difference is that Weekend Lover was a one-day shoot. We also just worked with two actors. With The Nurturing of Men we worked with no less than three actors a day over the course of many days.

How did filming alter your thoughts on the script? My understanding of the script was definitely enhanced on set. Before filming I had an idea of who the characters were, but during production, I saw a lot of things that I hadn’t previously put together.

Is what is depicted in the film something you identify with? Yes. It resonates with me, and there were moments when I felt for the characters There were moments when they struggled and this showed the moment we all go through, the moments when evil and temptation tries to get the best of you.

What was an important moment for you on set? The last scenes with the main character Camden were mind-blowing for me. I wasn’t thinking of seeing him like that because so far we had only seen the Camden he was presenting to the world. But now at that point I was seeing the character alone and behind closed doors. That scene was real to me.

What do you hope this film will do once it gets out to a larger audience? I hope it allows people to think deeper about their situations, and think so that they end up doing something different than what’s not right. Hopefully their thinking will allow them to make some kind of change and have a new outlook on their life.