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By Fabiola Cineas

A necklace of gaff tape rolls and a shirt embellished with clips were staples of Jared Hilliard’s outfits each day on set. As the production’s gaffer, Hilliard worked closely with the director of cinematography to set equipment up and arrange and adjust lighting. He managed to lend a hand in most other departments, too. To learn how Hilliard juggled tasks on set, read the discussion below. 


How’d you come to work with Lionel for the Nurturing of Men? I met Lionel on the set of Spike Lee’s film Red Hook Summer. We became friends and talked about different projects and started working on more projects together. I also worked on his film Land of Dreams. Most of my experience is my work as a gaffer and grip.

How does the set of The Nurturing of Men compare to that of Land of Dreams?

This was more of an ambitious project. Equipment wise, there were a lot more moving pieces to this project.

What were your first impressions of the script? I liked the script but I thought it moved too quickly at some points. The sequencing clicked for me after I saw the actors in action. When I read a script I have my own emotions but when the actors play it out the whole feeling changes.

Can you talk about a significant moment on set? The last day of shooting was very powerful. It was a major tipping point for me. It showed Camden’s true struggle, and what he’s going through is something many people can identify with.

What’s your idea of a successful director? A successful director knows what he/she wants, can multitask, and inspire the crew to keep pushing forward no matter how tiring the days may be. A successful director also keeps the story close to heart and doesn’t let others micromanage.

What are some lessons you took away from the set? I learned some lessons in humility and some other things like gaffing and gripping techniques.

What keeps you motivated? My love of making films. I’m also very loyal so once I say I will work something, I’ll be there. And I want to help out with every need.  I want to help get the goal completed.