DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Instagram: @Devon_Catucci

By Fabiola Cineas

Catucci pedaled his way to set each day from Harlem to Brooklyn and made it clear early on that he would be an invaluable member of the crew. It was impossible to find him idle on set. As Director of Photography, he worked closely with Lionel on the precise details of every shot. His effort surpassed his job title and as a problem solver, Catucci constantly found ways to maximize resources and make things work. Read the conversation with Catucci below to learn more about his interests and his experience shooting The Nurturing of Men


What drew you to work with Lionel for The Nurturing of Men? Lionel and I worked together on a couple of projects before. He told me about the idea, and I thought it was a good script.

Does a script sway your decision about working with a director or are you all about the camera? It's about the script and it's about working with talented people like Lionel. The script dealt with a lot of different challenges that people face in life, more than most scripts I've seen before. We also got the chance to discuss how it would play out visually.

What was it like working on this set?  Were there any challenges unique to this film's set? I loved working on this set. It was really great and filled with passionate people. We had everything we needed to make a great film. There are always challenges when making movies. And on this set we had people who were willing to step in when necessary and fill in roles. One of my concerns each day was whether we'd have enough time to fit everything in and get everything done.

What was your favorite moment on set or your favorite scene to shoot? I really enjoyed shooting the scenes with the police officers. We had lots of good actors there ready to work and it is always great to enjoy what you are shooting.

How would you describe your style or work ethic to someone who has never seen you in action? I like to have style that connects with people emotionally. So a longer lens and more contrasty lighting.  

What films have been essential to your development as a cinematographer? I am a fan of Metroplis, Once upon a Time in the West, 8 1/2, and Sunset Boulevard, I appreciate thrillers. 

What is next for Catucci? I'm trying to get as much freelance work as I can gather. I work a lot in the city, but I'll take anything anywhere in the world.