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By Fabiola Cineas

Andre Ozim has starred in CineasFilms’ Land of Dreams and Weekend Lover, so it is natural that he would make an appearance in The Nurturing of Men. His work on these productions has given him perspective on how CineasFilms has developed and has given him direction for his career. Ozim has learned a lot about the industry along the way. Read the conversation with Ozim below to learn more about what it means to pursue your dreams.  


Can you talk about your path as an actor? How did you know acting would be your career and what keeps you going? My path as an actor was not traditional by any means. I literally quit my job in pursuit of happiness, and at the time I didn't know that acting would be my source of fulfillment. But after asking many questions to figure out what I wanted out of life, I decided to pursue acting. I fell in love, and I can't see myself doing anything else with my life. What keeps me going is knowing that I am doing my best to contribute to society as an artist. Using TV and film as a medium to entertain and educate my audience gives me full satisfaction. I'm doing what I enjoy while making a contribution to humanity. 

You are CineasFilms’ veteran actor. Can you talk about your experience working with Lionel and starring in a number of his films? I like Lionel’s vision, and we have the same methods. I remember having a deep conversation with him during the production of Land of Dreams. We were parked out on the side of a street just talking about our beliefs and our hopes for what we want to express as artists. Ever since then we’ve been connected and each film has been a progression. For the set of The Nurturing of Men we definitely had better cameras and a bigger crew. I respect Lionel’s vision, and I’m excited to see what comes out of this project. 

Did you identify with the script of The Nurturing of Men? If so, how? Yes, 100 percent. I normally don't take on projects I can't relate to in some way. I struggle constantly with fighting temptation and with the battle between what's wrong and what's right. The main character's struggle is something I am completely empathetic to. 

What was it like playing Justus? Justus is someone we all know. He is sneaky, manipulative, and heartless; he only cares about himself. Oddly enough, playing such a character is fun for me because I get to explore a personality that I normally can't display in public. Something I learned from my favorite actor, Robert De Niro, is that he enjoys being someone else for that very reason--he got to escape. 

How would you describe yourself on set? I’d say that I’m respectful and easy to work with. 

What is something you learned on the set of The Nurturing of Men? I learned how important teamwork is. Being on set requires a lot of communication between both cast and crew. With the proper communication, things run much smoother altogether. 

How has working with CineasFilms helped you develop your craft? I have learned to just go with the flow. Lines can change, or I may get a new direction at one moment or I can have no direction at all. I’ve learned to show up on time and go with the flow. 

What actors in the industry have impacted you the most? You mentioned Dinero before. Yes, I like Robert Dinero. He’s my favorite actor. He is so dedicated and he can play anything. He’s entertaining. He has taught me a lot about truthful acting but he has also shown me that it’s about entertaining. 

What’s next for your career and do you have any words for people on the same path? I’m auditioning for TV shows and acting in TV shows. I’m getting a lot of small “yes’s.” I’m waiting on a big “yes.” I’ve learned to not have expectations as an artist. A lot of people give up between the period of “yes” and “no.” I think people on this path should make sure this is what they want to do and this is how they can best serve humanity and not have too many expectations in between.